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Chapter 2: The penpals letter and the exciting news

Arthur furrowed his brow. He hated english and he was suposed to be getting a letter from some "Penpal" Today. His teacher Mr.Frog-face ((Ohohohoh~)) As Arthur liked to call him handed him the letter from his penpal named _____. Not to be rude he opened and read the letter.

Dear Arthur,
Sorry to bother you I'm not one to write letters but i thought it might be fun, And plus they had my favorite country. You might find it rediculous that you have a penpal but think of it diffrently. Well for starters, Im an only child. I live with my father my dad left  my mom when i was 3. I have one good friend who loves russia. I have tons of Union Jack posters on the wall of my room. I love swimming, Drawing and football. So can i ask you some questions now?
Do you have any siblings?
Do you live with your mom, dad or both?
Do you have a crazy but awesone friend?
Whats your favorite sport?
Do you like drawing?

______ ______

Arthur read the letter a few times . She seemed like a calm person who liked to ask questions he sighed. It would be ungentle manly of him not to reply to the letter. So he wrote back and handed the letter to the teacher. After he did he was embaressed to hear he would be going to see _______ in a foreign exchange program to her country _______.
1 week later
Arthur sat at his desk thinking about what he wrote while writing some spells. "What is this woman doesnt like what i wrote...?" He pondered for a second and said to himself outloud. "Why do i even care..?" He sighed and closed his spell book as he heard his door open.
"Eh Go to 'leep ye have school tomorrow" Arthur's older brother said. Arthur liked to call him scottie since he was from scotland his dad raised his brother, and his mother raised Arthur. When Arthur's parents both died they decided to live together even though his brother was a smoker, lady's man and had a woman home every night of the year.
Arthur obliged to his brothers orders and went to sleep knowing he'd have to get ready the next day since he was soon to be leaving for __(C/N)__.
A Few weeks later (After many letter exchanges)
______ Yawned as she woke up, stretching your limbs from the parade like feeling that crashed on You from sleep. "Coooooffeeeee..." You said as you went down the stairs and made a cup of Joe (:D heh see what i did there now you can as your friend Joe "Hey Joe can i have a Cup of ya" XDD Sorry random stop from the story had to let mah crazy out). Since you were out of school for today you didnt really have to worry about making yourself pretty.
Right when you set your cup into the sink the phone rang. "Caller ID... BREANNA!" The phone screammed in Breanna's ringer for the home phone. You picked up the phone and heard a scream on the other end of the line.
"B-Breanna...? You ok or are you having another crazy fit and need your meds?" You said as you had some spare pills for her cronic ADD that she had made you keep with you for those Just in casies where she flipped out.
"NO NO IVAN CAME FOR THE STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM SOONER HE'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME EEEEEEEEK!!!!!" And then you heard a thud. 'Ugh she fainted from excitement' and then you heard the phone being picked up and put to someone elses ear. "Ahhh...I'm sorry che fainted...Um...Chu know what to do Da? I don't" He had a thick russian ((IK SUCKY RUSSIAN ACCENT FORGIVE ME WORLD OF HETALIA)) accent andyou sighed chuckling a bit.
"Yea just put her in bed and get some water put it on her night stand....Oh and becarefull not to walk into any hanging ceiling bra's..." You almost burst into laughter thinking about that.
For some reason Breanna liked hanging her old bra's on her ceiling. She had Sports bra's that she wore before cup sizes, ACups, Bcups, Ccups and Some old Dcups of her's that broke. ((I do not do this i am putting this in here for dear old comadys sake)) Her latest size thats hanging on the ceiling would be a 34D.
You heard a gulp on the end of the line and giggled. "Da...thanks..." And then he hung up. "And the weird start to the day begins." You then hear the door bell ring and you go to the door only to find the shocking sight of.... (Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuun Cliff hangerrrrrrrr~))
DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN Ik lots of comentary :D
Please tell me if you want me to continue~?
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